Sources – Bibliography


Section «A sacred place»
The Parthenon, view from NW. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis ©YSMA photo archive
The Athena Nike Temple, 3D design-reconstruction: A. Nikas ©The Acropolis Museum
Digital reconstruction of the chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos: K. Antoniadis
Kore 674. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis ©The Acropolis Museum
Bronze statuette of Athena Promachos. Photo by: N. Danielides ©The Acropolis Museum
Olive and celery wreaths designed by: M. Tsiolaki

Section «Planning and designing the Temple»
Temple of the Athena Nike inscription. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis ©The Acropolis Museum
The Erechtheion inscription. Photo by: Ν. Danielides ©The Acropolis Museum

Section «Typology of Ancient Temples»
Original 3D temple models: Β. Christodoulopoulos (from the book «A Greek Temple»)
3D reconstruction of the Delphi Tholos: Diadrasis
Design of the architect at the workplace: M. Korres

Section «Constructing the Temple»
Designs: Μ. Κοrres
The Parthenon design: G. Stevens

Section «Morphology of Ancient Temples»
3D model designs of a temple's parts: The YSMA Information & Education Department archive
Coloured design reconstruction of the Propylaia roof by: I. Fenger, 1866 (from the book “A Greek Temple”)
Graphic designs: Diadrasis
Design of the Parthenon refinements: M. Korres

Section «Statues, Reliefs and Color»
Parts of the Athena Nike pediment ©The Acropolis Museum. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis
The Parthenon Metopes ©The Acropolis Museum. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis
East & West Parthenon peditments (from the book "The Parthenon Walks"). Photo by: S. Mavrommatis
Pediments & metopes of the temple of Zeus at Olympia, Archaeological Museum of Olympia, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation 2008. Photo by: S. Mavrommatis
Parthenon Acroterion ©The Acropolis Museum, 2009.Photo by: Ν. Danielides
Acroterion of The Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace (from the book "A Greek Temple")


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