A Greek Temple



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T he temples are the most important examples of ancient Greek architecture. They were religious buildings whose harmony and perfection of construction was far superior to that of any other edifice. Three are the main reasons why the Greeks distinguished the temples from any other building:

i. The Greeks of the Archail and Classical periods had a vital sense of religion. They participated in worship with impressive festivals, they believed that their offerings, such as erecting a temple, secured the protection of the gods and the prosperity of the city, as well as the prosperity of those making pilgrimage to the great panhellenic sanctuaries.

ii. The Greeks sought to promote the city and enhance its panhellenic fame through the erection of costly and magnificent monuments

iii. The Greeks believed in the social function of the arts and in the participation of citizens in culture. This included the construction of temples and the creation of monumental paintings or sculptures, the ex-votos, that were commissioned through common decisions of personal initiatives.


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